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Geometry PowerPoint: Vectors with GUIDED NOTES
What a great time I had with this entry level lesson on Vectors! * Students define the term "vector" in their own words * Students explain the meaning of magnitude * Students learn the symbols for vectors * Students learn to calculate magnitude using a familiar
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Lines N Planes
Lines N Planes iOS iPhone This app is a vector math calculator in the 2d and 3d world. It will find: - the dot and cross product of two lines - the equation of a line given two points on the line - the equation of a plane given three points on the plane - the angle between a line and a plane. You also have the option of setting the line and plane points in the settings screen, this will populate all other fields in the app to make your math faster! 5MB
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GSP 321 GSP\321 GSP321 Week 1 Homework Exercises
GSP 321 GSP\321 GSP321 Week 1 Homework ExercisesChapter 2Exercise 2.1Decompose the following vectorExercise 2.2(a) Calculate the scalar product:(b) What does the result of (a) tell us about the angle between the two vectors?Exercise 2.6Assume
Tat's to seriously consider
angle between 2 vectors example 2 a and b
angle between 2 vectors example 2 a and b
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