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Censor trouble for ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ song
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Pampas Rastra Gaucho Cinturon hand made Horse shoe brooch stamped SANGUINETT 800 silver for an Arg
feed me young maMa
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Shahid_Online 19 Jan 2016 shared via Twitter

thegoodgodabove 1 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Most of the bigots I see online end up being very lonely, very angry young men with pockmarked faces and bad teeth. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED MEDICARE FOR ALL. For the love of God! Get them the psychiatric care, ointments and dental plan they so desperately need.

AYP1972 May 24 shared via Twitter
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ArtGalleryofNSW 11 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Australian artist Charles Blackman was born in 1928. A master of modern figurative art, his works have been likened to those of Picasso and Sidney Nolan. Explore his works online: Image: Charles Blackman 'Angry young girl' 1958 © AGNSW

andydiggle 28 May 2017 shared via Twitter
Another angry young man driven to murder by online radicalization. When will his community speak out against this?

sarahephilips Mar 31
students are being displaced, out of work, thrust into unforgiving online classrooms, taking care of young/elderly family members, put back into homophobic/transphobic homes and I’m getting tone policed by the SG crowd for being angry. I would like to say, one last time, fuck off

hEnereyG 27 May 2017
If you're trying to court angry young conservatives online, use a reference that's AT LEAST forty years old

AYP1972 May 27
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nxphe_ 18 hours ago
7. Key4Life / not specifically for bpoc, but they provide support and work with at-risk youth, young offenders, and gang members. they provide in-person & online support, job opportunities, life skills, & mentoring. •

pbump 15 Mar 2019
Wrote about the parallels of the online indoctrination of alienated, angry young men into the Islamic State and into white supremacist violence.

legalnomads 14 Sep 2013

midsomerplots 3 Jun 2018
A woolly liberal-type clergyman is found dead after several internal organs were partially sucked out while sitting on an excessively powerful swimming pool drain. Suspicion falls on the village impetuous young heir, angry that the sale of dogs online might threaten to get the...

VORdotcom 1 Jul 2019
Many people are saying many things about young adult Some are happy with what she has posted online. Some are sad. Some are angry and calling her ungrateful. All I have to say about the whole “quitting Bollywood” episode can be summed up with this simple jpeg:

HSouthwellFE 28 Aug 2019
I am ludicrously angry at this terrible take. People watch 24h streams on Twitch. The longer the stream the more viewers. Please never take this sort of bullshit "insight" seriously - young audiences spend more time online than old, why would you need to worry about the time?

TheLaurenChen 15 Aug 2019
Recently, a viral Twitter thread blamed white nationalism on memes and edgy humor. Are politically incorrect jokes to blame for white supremacy? Or are the angry, young white men online a symptom of a deeper societal malaise & growing racial division?

NeonNettle 26 Jun 2018
A pedophile who flew from New Zealand to Virginia to kidnap and rape a child whom he groomed online, was shot in the throat by the young girl's angry mother when he tried to break into their home. MORE HERE:

JasminaSW 5 May 2018

CraigSJ 18 Dec 2018
Some of the people cutting up the loudest on rap writers online are rap writers of the future angling to chop heads off on some Highlander shit. Tickles me only because then *they* meet *their* angry young haters and learn what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the BS.

jaredbkeller 12 Sep 2013
"Why are we producing so many people who just seem to hate women?" The cult of angry young men online

MikeStuchbery_ 2 Apr 2019
Far Right radicalisation is mostly done online, using internet culture and memes to bring angry, disaffected young men on board.

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