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OriginalTPM 16 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Sorry for being an ass :) I'd get it if there was a monthly charge or pay for updates. But it's all gravy after that $60 for base game, enjoy it when it does download and be happy you got free content. Typically updates aren't coming 3 years into a fixed-cost games life. 😎👍

Krugerfun20 10 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
would you please get off your god damn high horse, not every person playing overwatch comes from a country with amazing internet, this fucking download will cost me 20$ if i dont want for them to fix it, so go fuck yourself.

blogbygames 31 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter

ejfanatic 5 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Put up a download code card to be hung next to the eShop ones and be done with it. Everyone us stating the cost of carts but Blizzard would have saved A TON LOADS more money if they skips the empty box completely.

MrFeelNiceTv 9 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Look up live screensaver on steam. It cost $5. Find the eclipse audio visualizer and download it. The image I just looked up lion wallpaper on Google. From there just edit the visualizer in the live screensaver to fit around the moon and boom. Same wallpaper! Hope that helps! :D

Jack_Y_Zhang 14 Dec 2017
Please allow DVD retail installations of 2 initially install FULLY from disc, THEN download patch data. Simply installing the client & ignoring the disc will cost so much bandwidth 2 those seeking 2 conserve their bandwidth in light of

lunarkats 26 Mar 2019
Alright so download some free to play games cause then you won’t waste money (ex:League, Overwatch, Apex,Fortnite) Play those games with FRIENDS. Makes new games a million times more fun. If they aren’t your taste, dm me and I’ll recommend you some other fun games that cost $$$

louishathway 30 Nov 2017
Hi I bought overwatch on the Black Friday sale and I got the email confirmation of my purchase but i can not download the game and the money has been taken out of my account when it cost £16.99

fahrenheit214 Apr 28
jersey has been ordered at no cost other than shipping thanks to Tuesday! If you're a T-Mobile customer download the T-Mobile Tuesday app, and take advantage of the FREE $30 on the Overwatch League store! Show us your hauls!

ironfroggy 6 Jul 2018
It would take roughly a decade to download Overwatch on a 300 baud modem. It would cost about $2000 in phone bills to maintain the connection.

creamynuneo 29 Apr 2017
Lmao i'm waiting for the game to download and i got curious how much did overwatch cost (shitty memory lmao) and i'm like HOT DAYUM 😂😂😂

Santiago_rom_mz 29 Nov 2019
I have a question I just bought a PC for the first time, and I've been playing overwatch on console since release date. I was wondering if I can download overwatch on my pc without cost, since I already bought it on console? Or would I have to buy it again?

Fear_GBA 5 Oct 2017
At least the cellphone mobile games are free to download, Forza, Middle-earth, Overwatch, Gears, CoD & BF1 all cost 40 to 60 bucks to buy.

DrJamba 27 Aug 2018
If you've not had a dip into Overwatch yet then I can't recommend it enough. Free weekend means it will only cost you download time and you'll keep your progress after it's over. On release, I found it to be unlike any other shooter out there (some similar popped up since)

TechnoGenuine_ 21 Sep 2017
Download and play Overwatch with full options for 3 days for free! No cost at all.

MayaTheWeeb 29 Jun 2016
I made a deal with my brother that I'd download Clash Of Clans if we split the cost of buying Overwatch

Kristen_Henners 22 May 2016
Why are games so much more expensive to buy on ? Overwatch cost £42 in shops yet £54.99 to download it digitally. :\

chooseagoose 5 May 2016
Deleted all the footage for this to download Overwatch so I guess its ready for viewing (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

XboxCanada 5 May 2016
Suit up, heroes. It's time to play the [T] open beta on Xbox One. Download now:

StitchNews_ 4 May 2016

Skarothian 4 May 2016
And the Overwatch download begins.

Stratica_Art 6 May 2016
Still been waiting for over 8 hours to download Overwatch Keeeeeeeeel meeeeeeeeee

MaxCheerios 4 May 2016
told him to download overwatch and he does this instead

ellierethorpe 3 May 2016
[TRACER] Phone Wallpaper for Download:

pmacguitarist 5 May 2016
115MB Down - just perfect for my download! #wired#virginmedia What's your speed?

Matteone95 4 May 2016
Tonight at 00:00 start Overwatch beta download... First i stream League of Legends and after i download beta. And …

relano_khan 14 May 2016
I just downloaded free Overwatch social media revamp. Download yourself now! via

boukenjima_ 4 May 2016
I don't know why I expected the Overwatch download servers to not be shit

Padlock_music 4 May 2016
Why is the overwatch beta download labeled as "Music Player" lmao

YaGirlBeka3 4 May 2016
Could this Overwatch beta download take any longer 😳🎮

Watson013 5 May 2016
@xixaries waiting for Overwatch to download be like

JaydePhoenix 3 May 2016
Finally got a hold of and got the Overwatch Beta download link!

Sutekh94 4 May 2016

Primal_Dynasty 7 May 2016
Should I download and stream "Overwatch"?

AyaseLewis 7 May 2016
So I just start the overwatch beta download then I suddenly see it's by Blizzard and I feel disgusted with myself.

Cheridet 5 May 2016
Feel like I'm going to pass out on my keyboard. Waiting for a video to export and overwatch to download

deadlinejon 5 May 2016
the overwatch download stopped itself when my computer went to sleep while i was at work so i had to restart it. 2 gigs left

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