respiratory anatomy quiz sporcle - Kao-emal

catgoh92 7 hours ago shared via Twitter
*During the first quiz answer was smombie and Jeongyeon guessed it "right" JY: I'm sorry but I got the answer from the comments NY: Ah really....are you still TWICE if you're like this?? *laughs* Competitive Nayeon taking quiz wayyy too seriously 😂

greysanatombei 11 hours ago shared via Twitter

namugfs 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
cops are actually fucking evil for using tear gas during a pandemic thats driven by a respiratory disease

muIIingarking 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
I keep seeing that clip from Greys anatomy on my tl and I’m sharing this since it’s from the same episode. THIS IS NOT JUST FICTION. THIS IS NOT JUST MADE UP FOR A SHOW. THIS HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. ITS HAPPENING NOW. ITS BEEN HAPPENING FOR A LONG TIME AND WE ARE TIRED.

DeNarde4MDDel 6 hours ago shared via Twitter
Police in Minneapolis are now doing pepper-spraying bystanders from their cars — during a pandemic that attacks our respiratory systems. Do you truly think that they truly respect and value human life?

seungjjanggu 3 minutes ago
We had a quiz to get to the teaser during The Real, a game for Hot Potato, Mash-Up song puzzle for Good Bam and now we need to play the teaser ourselves😂

Middlesex_CCC 49 seconds ago
We have a new quiz for you this morning! ✍️ Which Middlesex players have taken the most outfield catches in the club's First-Class history? 🤔

semrush 5 minutes ago
The anatomy of a perfect that Google and users will love 🧡

qtpiebyunbaek 5 hours ago
200529 BAEKHYYN TWITTER EXO: (Know Baek Well Quiz) What does Baekhyun munch/drink when he's bored? Baekhyun: If it's this extent, isn't it almost all pure guessing!?

YourAnonCentral 6 hours ago
U.S. security forces spraying crowds with an unknown chemical causing severe respiratory problems and burning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

amitbehere 11 hours ago
Quiz: Who gave Savarkar the title of Veer? This is super easy.

LlTTLEWOMENS 12 hours ago
grey’s anatomy weren’t just being a simple medical tv show in this scene, here they had the talk that so many black parents get to have with their kids and for having such a big platform i think that’s important

vectoreducators 1 minute ago
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rosadona 10 hours ago
lol what if i just started watching greys anatomy from the beginning again

CharlieWtrust 28 minutes ago
our next virtual is on Tuesday 2nd June with CHRIS TARRANT! 🤩 Would your listeners like to join in support of ?

soccerjunkyyyfc 5 hours ago
*a&p class* "okay label the anatomy of the heart" my heart:

fxckingleg 6 hours ago
[] decided to practice some anatomy w some op boys and street wear :-)

ConfDisc 5 minutes ago
Conference social news! The wonderful and are organising our social which is open to all participants in the conference. Join us on 18 June for a corpus linguistics quiz

CarronPrimary 32 minutes ago
1/2 It’s Fantastic Friday Family Quiz Time! Why not enjoy some sunshine while completing this weeks quiz? Give it a go and make the most of Fun Friday!

BackSeatWaala 3 hours ago
Studying anatomy

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