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The Remote Learning Diaries: Embracing the New Normal -- So weve been presented with plenty of resources. Besides the fact that displacement is an issue students should for the most part be able to do their classes. However some professors are more well technologically advanced than others.
1500 Google Slides Infographics
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How To Get Rid of Your Company Data System Breaches
Education Industry Email List
Our Education Industry Email List carries the most qualitative data that connects you to your most significant target prospects successfully. The Education Mailing List includes verified and updated contact records of the professionals such as Academic Support Coordinators, Primary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Principals, Deans, and so on. Get a quote now!
Local ed tech startup targets private sector growth through a new partnership
Local ed tech startup targets private sector growth through a new partnership
How to use LinkedIn Ads' new company targeting options to boost B2B lead generation
#LinkedIn has rolled out its latest innovation so us #Marketers can generate more higher-quality #Leads. They have added 2 brilliant new #TargettingOptions: #CompanyCategory & #CompanyGrowthRate, both compiled from trusted sources. Learn How to use LinkedIn Ads' new company targeting options to boost B2B lead generation @
Isometric illustration kit - People
Set of 20 vector scenes for a company website. Big header collection with a bonus of 6 characters in different colour schemes and a mobile application template. People work in a team, build charts and interact with graphs and different shapes. Landing page templates. Mobile application concepts. 3d isometric vector illustrations. Boost Your Revenue Teamwork (Change The Way Your Work) Usability testing Data Analysis (Customize Data View) Target Audience (Know Your Customer) Online Shopping
Today after the close, Itochu Corp (8001 JP)  announced that its Partial Tender Offer intended to increase its stake in FamilyMart UNY Holdings Co Ltd (8028 JP) would start July 17th and go for 23 business days, ending on August 16th. As expected, the Tender Offer Price is maintained at the originally announced ¥11,000/share. The number of shares expected to be bought in the tender is now 10,880,400 shares - down ~59,000 shares from the initial plan, because Itochu announced the shares it owned ~59,000 shares more than it had April 19th. Details of the Tender Offer Data point Data in the Data point Maximum Number of Shares Itochu Will Purchase 10,880,400 (8.60% of outstanding) Minimum Number of Shares Itochu Will Purchase 0 Agreements with Shareholders To Tender none Start Date of Tender 17 July 2018 Closing Date of Tender 16 August 2018 Announcement of Results no later than 17 August 2018 Start of Settlement 23 August 2018 There is no minimum number of shares to be purchased. Above the maximum (10.8804mm), offers will be scaled back on a pro-rata basis. The stock will remain listed. If ITOCHU does not purchase all 10.88mm shares intended, the announcement Friday states "ITOCHU intends to additionally purchase certain Target Company Shares through on-market purchases or by other means giving consideration to the market trends to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to make the Target Company its consolidated subsidiary." This leads to the possibility of support for the share price after the deal if they do not complete. Some might expect a share price ramp in that case. Others might expect Itochu to look at investing in a third party offering. Insights Covering This Event To Date Date Title 20 April 2018 Itochu Tender For FamilyMart - Winnie Sees a Hunny Pot But Greedy Bears Get Stuck 20 April 2018 Itochu's Tender Offer Provides an Attractive Profit-Taking Opportunity 30 April 2018 Did Itochu & BOJ Buying of FamilyMart-UNY in the Past Year Squeeze It Vs Comps? 16 June 2018 FamilyMart UNY Tender - Will It Go As Planned? The Tender Offer is only to buy 8.6% of shares outstanding.  When originally announced it was at a 10% premium to market price and a more significant premium to the 1mo and 3mo average price. Since then, the stock price has gone 15% through the Tender Price and all the way back down. And the ownership structure on the stock means that float is a LOT smaller than it appears. That leads to a combination of interesting potential arb strategy, and interesting risks. Familymart's Q1 earnings looked better than some of the comps , but much of that is base effect. The stock is still dramatically outperforming its peers on a like for like basis over the last nine months as ITOCHU and the BOJ have been buying in the market, post-merger restructuring has taken effect, and then the squeeze hit after the takeover announcement in late April. Since the announcement itself, Familymart has outperformed a basket of its peers by 19.1% (after outperforming the basket by 57% in the previous 6 months). The chart below shows Familymart's price (and volume) against the prices of comps and a basket - all rebased at Familymart's average price at the one-month average price of Familymart's lows 7 months before the deal was announced. Since then, the basket has muddled; Lawson Inc (2651 JP) is down, Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd (3382 JP) is up small, other retailers Ministop Co Ltd (9946 JP) and Arcs Co Ltd (9948 JP) are flattish to up small. data source: Bloomberg The Tender And Pro-Ration Because the stock price is right at (just above) the ¥11,000 Tender Offer Price, the question of pro-ration  and what index holders might do is quite interesting. I think there is a possibility some gamesmanship will go on. And as discussed in an earlier insight, there is a possibility corporate holders might tender at the request of the Offeror, especially because of the advent of the amendments of the Japan Corporate Governance Code June 1st, as discussed Japan's Corporate Governance Code Amendments - A Much Bigger Stick for Activists and Stewards . If ITOCHU does not get all 10.88mm shares, there could be buying afterward. If the tender is successful, MSCI and FTSE methodology would mandate a weight reduction event immediately. The TOPIX reduction in FFW would be later this autumn. But if it IS successful, the strong market-buying pressure from ITOCHU in the months before the deal would be stopped, and net buying by the BOJ and passive allocators would reverse, briefly. And if the Nikkei ever addresses the problems of its Nikkei 225 Average (see here for a discussion), there could be very significant outflow. Nitty gritty details (and Arb Grids) follow below the fold. » Get straight to the source on Smartkarma. Mitch recommends
Millennials and Your Website: How to Make Your Domain a Magnet to Gen Y
The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials - infographic
Best Infographic Design Service Provider Company in India | Web & App Design, Development & Marketin
Best Infographic Design Service Provider Company in India, Simplify the complex data for your target audience with our creative infographic design company. RGB Webtech is a professional Indian infographic design company located in India. We design highly interactive infographics for almost every industry and purpose. Infographics are probably the best way to represent a huge amount of information in the pictorial format that not only looks more organized but also more interactive and attractive
SAP Vendor User Database- Vselldatabase
How to use LinkedIn Ads' new company targeting options to boost B2B lead generation
How to use LinkedIn Ads' new company targeting options to boost B2B lead generation #seo #search #philadelphia #philly #smallbiz
Target the right audience with predictive analytics
Are you a company? Want to target the right customer? We will do this for you! Embedica targets right customer at right time using sales & marketing analytics. Our team uses all the information available to make best data-driven decisions for products and services. #sales #marketing #marketinganalytics #artificialintelligence #digitalanalytics #businessmarketing #machinelearning #deeplearning #ai #ml #automation #technology #service #istanbul #newyork #london #sanfrancisco
How Much Data Does The Internet Hold On You
How Much Data Does The Internet Hold On You image Internet Privacy large
School Data Lists are an industry leading Schools Database company supplying businesses with a range of marketing services to help them target schools, Colleges and Universities. We offer our clients the opportunity to send Email Campaigns direct to the inbox of teachers and decision makers and to purchase Schools Data from us in order that they can run their own marketing campaigns in house.
Reddit's most popular meme forum was a hangout spot for Russian propaganda trolls
Reddit's r/funny is the social media company's second-most popular forum, where users share memes about current events, celebrities, and of course, corgis and the like. It's also a preferred target for Russia's armies of trolls to spread propaganda. On the same day that Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate over the company's data security...
Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and You: A Privacy Primer
What’s the deal with the Cambridge Analytica data? Cambridge Analytica is a data mining and targeting company that at one point counted Steve Bannon among its board members. It has done work for Ted Cruz’s and Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns, and struck a partnership with an outside researcher in 2014 to get its hands on Facebook user data. To to so, the researcher built a simple survey app, and then paid users small amounts of money to install the app on Facebook and answer the survey.
Are your mobile devices protected?
Businesses have embraced mobile technology, as it allows for constant collaboration, which increases productivity. But as the number of mobile devices used in daily operations grows, so do the incidents of cybercrimes targeting smartphones and tablets. Protect your company mobile devices by following these steps. Ensure mobile OS is up-to-date The updates on Apple and […] #PHONE #CYBERSECURITY #IT
'Zoombombing' targeted with new version of app.
cloud services homepage
Hello! Today I present one of concepts I did for a cloud services company. Target customers: mainly all kinds of small to medium size gaming companies (streaming, scoreboards, game data, game serv...
B2B Company Data | B2B Company Email List | B2B Company Database
A reliable B2B Company data segmentation makes it easier for marketers to select targets based on companies. A segmented data enhances your prospecting.
How CanYa Is Helping To Create The Gig Economy 2.0
The best content marketing strategy tips, tricks, ideas, examples and infographics on Pinterest.
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