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FinancialReview 16 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
Labor has insisted its controversial dividend imputation policy will mostly target people on high incomes.

DispatchAlerts 2 Oct 2015 shared via Twitter
Target Corp. expands price-matching policy

IrresistibleMsI 14 May 2012 shared via Twitter
Your return policy is absolute crap! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!! You just lost a customer!!!!!

Tom_Griffin_UK 14 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
The finnCap broker note for sums up my reasons for investing: risk weighted 41p target best case & 90p target high case, rising to 241p/share on success. The disconnect to the current M.Cap is astounding, huge upside potential followed by a compelling dividend policy. DYOR.

John_Wayne1111 2 Jul 2014 shared via Twitter
Ur new policy holds no legal ground in my state, but I will abide by it & will no longer shop at

BaltimoreJo 27 Apr 2016
come on, getting out of hand. Pls implement Kroger's policy UR a corp for heavens sake

RBandMyGirls 7 Sep 2014
. u have pissed off one loyal shopper. Wife is livd with your "policy". I hope u change your decision when she calls corp tomorrow

Marmel 22 Jun 2014
Until it's corp policy, boycott. I tweeted the Corp Christi story... waiting to see what does.

evanpierri 4 Feb 2013
and can someone explain to me in English why you don't honor your online prices in store.Pretty BS policy if you ask me

RWwatchMA 29 Jun 2014
@PatrickFButler That's the plan, stop shopping until they change corp. policy of long guns in stores. Join us?

SharonB87453631 25 Nov 2017
Please review UR policy to protect UR customers. My stolen Corp card was used for a very large purchase. ID was not required.

The_Bad_Dad 30 Apr 2014
Over the top customer service this week at my Nashville, TN store. A new corp. policy or just my store getting better?

euug 19 Dec 2018
For a reason why the Coalition is doing this take a look at News Corp's Daily Telegraph front page: "(Liberal) State Energy Minister picked a push a greenie energy policy...Minerals Council warns the target could sent the state into recession"

noblackthursday 18 Nov 2012
black out dates for "no time off" sounds like a corp policy to me.

EgoDevins Mar 14
Until you implementation a "Max 1 Item" policy on bulk items you're just a greedy Corp who doesn't give a shit about your local community

packerscjg 27 May 2015
your return policy on video games is garbage. I'm sure a multi billion dollar corp can afford to get a brand new game rewrapped

ETNOWlive 21 Nov 2018
Maruti Suzuki launches today with a starting price of Rs 7.44 lk in 10 different variants. caught up with R.S. Kalsi at the launch event. He spoke about specific features, sales target, EV policy and much more. Listen in!

js_newswatch 25 Apr 2016
More than 500,000 boycott Target Corp. over transgender bathroom policy

steve45220 6 Apr 2018
They have/are addressing the issue: a statement confirming it’s not a Corp policy & addressing the matter with involved Team members. You won’t be happy unless there’s a hanging in the public square.

Why would you exploit an individual for carrying out a large corp's policy? Leave her out of it. Sorry nice lady at Target😞

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