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Marketing via a digital platform is much cheaper with higher ROI, as also evident from the statistics above. The ads can be sent to targeted audiences through an inexpensive mode of emails, saving the cost of printing and distributing/ publishing in print media. For More Information : Contact: +(91) 8448783662 Email us : #seo #digitalmarketing #marketing #socialmedia #webdesign #socialmediamarketing #business #onlinemarketing #contentmarketing #marketingdigital
Tristan Walker’s Walker & Company Raises $24 Million, Scores Target Distribution Deal
SBU Alum Tristan Walker's Walker & Company Raises $24 Million, Scores Target Distribution Deal | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Tristan Walker’s Walker & Company Raises $24 Million, Scores Target Distribution Deal
1 | Tristan Walker's Walker & Company Raises $24 Million, Scores Target Distribution Deal | Fast Company | business + innovation
Extended Business Plan PowerPoint
Giveaway Hex Golf Pencils Advertising Golf Pencils
Are you ready to get at least 18 holes worth of exposure for your company? With the custom Hex Natural Finish Golf Pencils you can provide clients with something that's not only useful but also emblazoned with your company's logo or slogan. You'll get guaranteed repeat exposure to the people you're targeting with these custom golf pencils! Hand these personalized pencils out near a golf course or distribute them at a trade show that's in a golf resort area - no matter where, golfers will love th
London poster distribution
A-Z (London) Poster Distribution have many years and a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing London poster distribution campaigns for events all over this amazing capital city and we honestly believe we put up more posters for events in London and the Home counties than any other London poster distribution company or national poster company..We can offer a bespoke targeted poster distribution campaign for any type of event, product or venue anywhere in #London or nationwide
Royal Mail services Peterborough
We are providing Royal Mail services in Peterborough with next day delivery services for mail, parcels for both residential and business addresses.
Press Release
Business Wire India is a press release company in India. It gives you unlimited word on your press release distribution. One place you can distribute your stories to your target audience and monitor news on topics relevant to you.
Home 2 - MediaQuire
MediaQuire is a press release services: writing and distribution company. We deliver your news to targeted media contacts.  We have access to a an extensive media database and deliver your news directly to editors, journalists, free lance writers and broadcast producers.
Design Papers 2016
DESIGN PAPERS is a paper catalogue created for Europapier. The main target is the graphic industry professionals from a company with over 40 years of tradition and distributing paper in more than 13 European countries.
Revenue, Targeting & Distribution: Stats You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising in 2015 [Infographic]
Facebook is always experimenting with new advertising platforms to engage its user base. And it's no wonder the company is currently working hard on mobile advertising opportunities: Out of the estimated 1.39 billion current monthly Facebook users, 1.19 billion of them use Facebook on their mobile devices.
Buy South Korea Fax List
#BuySouthKoreaFaxList Fax broadcasting list is distributing fax to your target clients even to a large set of contacts at once. It is commonly known as one of affordable method of communication using to access out to a thousands of companies that can either be sited in one local community or spread around the world.
Startup stories
Gingercup is a creative advertising agency. Bengaluru-based GingerCup which prints brand logos and taglines on paper tea cups, and distributes them across colleges, offices, hospitals and food courts. In two years, it has distributed over 35 million ‘branded’ paper cups across 23 Indian cities. It specializes in coffee and tea cup branding. The company help brands engage and interact with their target audience by printing marketing messages on paper cups.
About 43 months after privatisation some sections of customers say most of these changes are yet to be significantly visible. Records show power generation was at 3800 megawatts (mw) at takeover and now it is just above 4000mw with an available capacity of 8500mw. Transmission is now about 5000mw wheeling capacity and the distribution network capability is about 4000mw. The operators of Distribution Companies (DisCos) in their Performance Agreement with the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) have investment target of five years to reduce the Aggregate Technical Collection and Commercial (ATC&C) losses speed up meter customers and phase-off estimated billing and strengthen their networks to reduce electrical accidents. It is just 17 months closer to the target expiration and many customers are concerned as they are yet to see pointers to these anticipated improvements. Power trips when it rains Traditionally the early and late rains bring to Nigerians memory of incessant and prolonged power outage. Research shows that such was the situation during the NEPA/ PHCN days. With privatisation it is expected that these doom days should have been long gone. Experts said the constant power outage experienced recently was due to aged and poorly maintained distribution networks since the take over. Some noted that these issues of the DisCos were overlooked by the authorities for some reasons. Residential customers who spoke on this issue across some DisCos expressed dissatisfaction about this. To them once there were signs of rain the network trips off. In a similar vein a commercial printer Mr Joe Onuche in Makurdi Town under Jos DisCo said once the lines tripped off without notice his offset lithography machines often suffered shock. A transmission expert Engr. Anyebe Mike raised concerns about this. He attributed the outage to inefficiencies in the DisCos networks; adding that the Generation Companies (GenCos) did not shutdown plants when it rained and that that caused load rejection and frequency issues. Talking to some GenCos Mainstream and Geregu for instance complained bitterly on operating below their optimal level. They reiterated the fact that the constant instructions TCN (SO) gave to ramp down and reduce load was not commercially and technically viable for their operations. They said several reasons were inhibiting the optimal performance of the GenCos; including sub-standard distribution network and lack of line tracing/clearing energising feeders among others which caused load rejection along with its financial implications. Electrical accidents on the rise Over 80 per cent of the accidents that occurred in the sector since 2013 have been traced to faulty installations under DisCos and few to negligence on the part of customers. The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) Safety Performance Report of March 2017 traced 14 electrocutions and nine injuries to 14 accidents that occurred across seven DisCos. The technical enforcement agency traced the cause of the accidents to system protection equipment failures total absence of protection devices and poor response to monitored networks vandalism poor terminations and poor maintenance of ageing distribution networks. The April 2017 report showed that the electrocution figure was the highest this year with over 20 deaths. For instance on April 20 about 30 persons were reportedly electrocuted and 18 others injured at a football viewing centre in Calabar when a high-tension cable of Port Harcourt DisCo fell on the building. Same month a family of three was electrocuted in Nyanya a suburb of the FCT caused by cable snap. There were similar electrocutions traced to faulty distribution networks with over 35 other cases and 20 injuries between 2014 and March 2017 across Enugu Eko Ikeja Abuja Kaduna Kano and Jos DisCos. Following the electrocutions NERC directed all the 11 Discos to renew their comprehensive insurance as provided under Part 5 Section 5.2 of the Health and Safety Code for the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). Mr. Onadipe Kolapo residing in Mararaba Nasarawa State noted that there were many weak poles and dirty cable connections; especially in the slums and that such posed death threat to Nigerians. The power firms need to do a thorough clean-up of the system. Where there are dirty networks they need to sanitise it so that accidents do not reoccur he added. Metering remittance still a hiccup Metering of customers and ensuring a robust remittance for energy payment is still a hiccup in the sector. Residential customers are still left at the total mercy of 11 DisCos as the only hope they had through the Credited Advanced Payment for Metering Initiative (CAPMI) has been snatched off by NERC since November 2016. In an earlier NERC meeting with DisCos on metering in April 2016 it was found from the metering statistics that more meters were bought by customers through CAPMI than the DisCos metering plans of about 100000 units annually. The Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) in its March remittance publication said the DisCos were still doing below 50 per cent monthly remittance; only Abuja DisCo rose by over 50 per cent. The collection and remittance of electric payments still pose a huge challenge to the liquidity crisis and over N1 trillion shortfalls in the sector Daily Trust reports. There is need for a transparent revenue collection and remittance process for the sector to be viable and attractive to investors and bring about efficiency. President of the Consumer Protection Network (CPN) in Abuja Mr Kunle Olubiyo in his response about DisCos taking to court often to challenge NERC directives said they reserved the right to seek redress in court; especially in a democratic setting. However he noted that the DisCos would need to step up their services even when they were faced with liquidity issues. Another observer said such threat by DisCos over non-performance was tantamount to holding the country to ransom; especially as they knew the effect of court-prolonged processes. Reacting on the DisCos plans to go to court over the declaration of eligible customers pioneer Managing Director of the Market Operator (TCN) Prof. Achinanya Uzoma said: The declaration of eligible customers in the sector is backed by law. The Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 supports it in Sections 27 and 28. Even if someone goes to court the judge will have to ask what the law says about it. In a recent interview with Daily Trust the DisCos through Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) said: No DisCo has less than N10 per kilowatt hour losses in its operation. No single DisCo is making profit as at today because we are only struggling to recover our cost. Spokesman for ANED Bar. Sunday Olurotimi Oduntan explained that the market shortfall of over N1bn had crippled the DisCos investment power. He said while the GenCos had their tariff component pegged in dollars the DisCos who actually collected revenue for the sector operated in the domestic currency; adding that the foreign exchange fluctuation made it worse. Oduntan further said although the cost of getting energy from the GenCos had risen the DisCos were not allowed to sell power beyond the tariff benchmark hence they strove to balance payment and the shortfalls they incurred along the repayment of interest of loans including that of the CBN power fund. The major part of the liquidity issue is that foreign exchange keeps fluctuating. As at December 2015 it was N197. By June 2016 it became N293 and now it is N360. This is a difference of N163 and nobody is talking about it for the DisCos. We are not clamouring for a tariff raise but government needs to intervene because the shortfall in the sector has reached N809.8billion Oduntan said.
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Distribution Channels
When designing your Business Model, your first step will be to define the Customer Segments and then the Value Propositions that are in line with this target audience. After this stage, it is time to establish the Distribution Channels, that is, the means by which the company will deliver its value proposition to each customer [...] #businessmodel #businessmodelcanvas
this is for, not target. It was the only photo that could be pinned
Design Papers 2016
Travel Software Solutions and Travel Mobile Apps adopting Agile Development Process.
Road to SEMA Distributor Introduction: Turn 14 Distribution
Concentrating on niche vehicle markets, Turn 14 Distribution markets to each supplier's target audience. The company is proud of its dedicated and knowledgeable sales specialists. Providing its customers with the best products and information available is the driving force behind Turn 14 Distribution's service. #RoadToSEMA2019 #ctek #cteknorthamerica #turn14distribution
Power Minister RK Singh wants states to cut discom losses
Kredivo is Targeting to Distributes Loans of IDR 4 Trillion
PT FinAccel Teknologi Indonesia aka Kredivo, a fintech lending technology startup, is targeting to distribute Rp4 trillion in loans by the end of this year. To achieve this target, the company will hook several banks. CTO founder and founder Kredivo Alie Tan said the company would hook more partners this year. Kredivo is in the […] The post Kredivo is Targeting to Distributes Loans of IDR 4 Trillion appeared first on MIME ASIA.
Business Plan Presentation Template #BusinessPlan #BusinessStrategy #MarketingPlan #Business #startup #Investment #Marketing #PitchDeck #powerpointtemplate #presentationtemplate #powerpointpresentations #powerpointslide #template
Teacher appreciation gift card holder, Target thank you card printable, end of year gifts for teache
Teachers play a big role in our children's lives, and we love showering them with appreciation! My Target-themed teacher appreciation gift card holders are an easy way to say "thank you" to the teachers in your life--simply print, and attach your chosen gift card via tape or glue dots...and you're all set to go! Print as many as you need for your own personal use.WHAT YOU'RE GETTING- teacher appreciation gift card holders, 2 per page- gift card holders are approx. 5"x6.75"All teacher appreciatio
6 Ways a Content Marketing Strategy Can Benefit Your Company’s Bottom Line
6 Ways a Content Marketing Strategy Can Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line A content marketing strategy is a plan for publishing, maintaining and distributing valuable and relevant content for a defined target audience in order to attract, acquire and engage customers, with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action.

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