the sound of silence z wieży mariackiej youtube - Kao-emal

kawabezmleka 19 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Kraków myślami z Gdańskiem - „The Sound of Silencez Wieży Mariackiej przez

profwolff 18 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Biggest strike in history in India Jan 8-9 w/ 150-200 million workers against "anti-people" policies of big business & gov't. Notice near silence of US mainstream (corporate) media on this historic strike. They afraid the idea might catch on here?

Tommoriarty16 18 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Guys this really is worth a listen just to hear the silence at the end of the interview before he signs off. It is one of the moments where silence screams the truth, the ultimate audio face palm. Am gonna listen again.

weehalfpintt 18 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Far right bigot Tommy Robinson to picket the Glasgow young SNP at their AGM? YOUNG SCOTS? Cause hes a bully & a snake. This attempt to silence our leaders of tomorrow (ironically by the man with the posters of him with tape on his mouth) should be peacefully counterprotested.

Eurovision 18 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Today we learned Eurovision fans are a beautiful mess, gloriously fueled by fuego as they rise like a phoenix. They can be found dancing in the rain like Verka to almost the sound silence, but with a dum tek tek. Some might be shady ladies or golden boys, but they're all DIVAS!

Eileenton 18 Jan 2019
Belfast.. Adrenaline rushes through the veins As cityscape buzzes on a rainy night Hazy intentions shuffle in silence Streetlife an abode of existence Huddled inside a soggy nylon bag Shivering 'neath cardboard sheeting Another's displaced life expired..

RandyResist 18 Jan 2019
The deafening silence from Republicans as they watch Trump's willingness to endanger the Speaker of the House, Representatives, and troops merely because she is from the opposite party is astounding. NATO and the military needed reassurance from Congress.

masterclass 18 Jan 2019
She’s got 5 decades of Hollywood and 2 Oscars under her belt. Now the star ofSilence of the Lambs” and the director of “Little Man Tate” teaches filmmaking in her very first online class. Welcome to Jodie Foster’s .

ChuckModi1 18 Jan 2019
Jason Van Dyke cover-up is is not just “The Blue Wall of Silence” - it’s “The Blue Wall of Murder” with documented evidence to show their crimes. It is the epitome of the common chant “the whole damn system is guilty as hell”

kinnabalu 18 Jan 2019
Put a loaf on your head and unionists go ballistic. Openly mock the murder of those living a mile or so down the road and their silence is deafening... Their demand for respect for the poppy seems is even more hollow now

BetterGov 18 Jan 2019
An expert witness hired by the Emanuel administration has disputed in several lawsuits the existence of a code of silence among Chicago police to thwart misconduct allegations. The mayor claimed the opposite in the wake of the shooting

ksage10 18 Jan 2019
When we have lost our way: When chaos, is the only sound: When silence, turns to pain: Love leads us—to higher ground: To a sweet and glorious place: Where gentle thoughts abound: To a hill, of wondrous grace: Where angels attune, reach down: And wash our tears—away. ❤️

louseeuh 18 Jan 2019
“It’s time to reevaluate how we think about free speech. That means disrupting the spread of hate, and also stopping Facebook and other mega-platforms from abusing their power to silence dissenting voices that aren’t trafficking in hate and violence.”

MarcKushin 18 Jan 2019
The few seconds of silence at the end is very well placed. Can see Mark Mardell's jaw hit the floor.

ericsshadow 18 Jan 2019
Have you ever wanted to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere? Relax and enjoy the silence? I just came from that town. It’s a nightmare. They still watch Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

Black9jaIcon 18 Jan 2019
Everyday we live in the shadows because we are too scared to stand up to homophobia, we fail LGBT members who've lost their lives to homophobia, we fail the young and unborn LGBT who have to live through the same shit we go through. I am ashamed of myself, of my silence. Truly.

el_karama 18 Jan 2019
The world must recognize the legitimacy and humanity of the protestors in Sudan, it cannot stand by in silence

dspreadbury 18 Jan 2019
Fascinating insight into the compositional process of in the London Review of Books, including the role of software. I love this quote: “The primary task, I feel, is to create a piece of art that is better than the same amount of silence.”

monknunCofE 18 Jan 2019
Tymawr was represented at the novice formation. Tymawr is a convent (for women) who live in a Contemplative Community living a life of prayer, based on silence and solitude, under monastic vows. They welcome Alongsiders and people come on retreat

PoppyTuxedo 18 Jan 2019
Hi Tweety fwends. Iz decided that on Tuesday, cos we can't attend Aunty Gwynne's funeral, I shall observe a Twitter silence all day and in the evening invite you to listen to a special piece of music with me as we remember our wonderful friend who made the world a better place.

PCGAMER1982 18 Jan 2019
Absolute silence from the Xbox camp. The "Enhanced" Xbox One X version of Ace Combat 7 running native 1080p im expecting media bias , Japanese Developers not using the extra power of the X ect .....

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