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Women with #COVID19 can breastfeed
Women with #COVID19 can breastfeed. They should: 🤱🏼Wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub frequently 🤱🏻Wear a medical mask during any contact with the baby 🤱🏾Sneeze or cough into a tissue 🤱Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces touched
The Minions and Gru: Stay Safe and Be Kind
The Minions and Gru are supporting WHO in making sure people of all ages stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic: 💛 physically distancing 💛 being active at home 💛 being kind to each other #COVID19
Violence Against Women
During the #COVID19 pandemic, risks of violence increase due to: ❗️ More time at home with abusers ❗️ Rising stress ❗️ Isolation from social support networks ❗️ Limited access to critical services #coronavirus
Violence Against Women
If you are experiencing violence during #COVID19: 🤝 Reach out to supportive family, friends or neighbours ☎️ Call a hotline or access information online if possible 🆘 Seek out local services for survivors #coronavirus
Clothes, towels and bed linen
How should I wash and dry clothes, towels and bed linen, if no one in my household is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient?
Fruit and Vegetables
Q: How should I wash fruit and vegetables in the time of #COVID19?
Coins and banknotes
Q: Can #COVID19 be spread through coins and banknotes? #coronavirus #KnowTheFacts
Grocery shopping
Q: How can I grocery shop safely in the time of #COVID19? #Coronavirus #KnowtheFacts
Frontline COVID-19 Responders
It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
FACT: #COVID19 IS NOT transmitted through houseflies
Talking about COVID-19
Talk to your children about #COVID19. It’s hard for them not to hear about it. Silence & secrets do not protect our children. Honesty & openness do. Think about how much they will understand. You know them best.
Keep calm and manage stress
Crowded and messy home? Kids crying? Teenagers screaming? Back-to-back online meetings? Take a deep breath. Take a break. Do something for yourself. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children
Keeping it positive
Praise is powerful. Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well. And do it in a genuine way. They may not show it, but you’ll see them doing that good thing again.
Catch bad behavior
Catch bad behaviour early and redirect your kids' attention from a bad to a good behaviour. Clear, positive instructions get us the behaviour that we want. Swap ‘don’t make a mess’ for ‘please put away your pens’
Structure up
Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome. Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves!
One-on-One Time
Try taking 20 minutes doing something the kids choose – like playing a game or reading - together with them. No phone or TV so you can focus on them. Quality time will make them feel safe and loved.
Stay Positive and Healthy
For all older adults & people with underlying health conditions who have to #StayHome, don't forget to: - Be physically active & mentally positive - Be socially connected via phone calls or social media - Be informed by local health authorities & WHO

wronghumans 16 hours ago shared via Twitter
I’ve just tested positive for covid. The test and tracer asked who I’ve been in contact with so they can isolate them for 14 days. I replied: Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Jacob Rees-Mog, Michael Gove, Dominic Raab and Donald Trump.

4everNeverTrump 13 hours ago shared via Twitter
Why is Georgia appearing to do so well with COVID-19? Because its government is lying. Georgia improperly inflated its testing numbers by 78,000 and is counting COVID-19 hospitalizations only of people who tested positive WHILE HOSPITALIZED.

TeaPainUSA May 21 shared via Twitter

JonathanBlitzer May 21 shared via Twitter
Trump Administration is now openly lying to foreign governments by claiming that the people it insists on deporting during the pandemic are not infected. And yet, significant #’s are testing positive for COVID once they arrive in foreign capitals.

gwensnyderPHL May 21 shared via Twitter
I've been wondering how long it would take for the media to make a link between Trump's literal belief in the magic of positive thinking and his insistence that COVID-19 would just cure itself and disappear. Looks like CNN finally made the explicit link.

stevefastaco May 27
Democrats deny hydroxychloroquine and steer Covid-positive patients to nursing homes... it was politics. Coordinated Democrat policy. They killed tens of thousands on purpose to get rid of Trump.

jambusher May 24
Let me get this straight ,the spread of Covid 19 hasn't slowed or been contained, and more positive cases emerge ,the death toll rises, the economy lies in ruins and millions of Americans are jobless. What does President Trump do? GOES F@$KING GOLFING !!

drewmaen May 27
Yeah, it’s all Trumps fault. It’s Trumps fault Coumo sent covid positive patients back to nursing homes to infect everyone else. It’s Trumps fault China lied about it early on and ppl died. Initially they said 2 million Americans would die. I guess Trump did an excellent job.

TomthunkitsMind 4 hours ago

BlakeCombs96 21 hours ago
Hey guys, apparently Dictator Trump is shutting down social media today. Between that, the riots and Covid...just wanted to hop on here and say I love you guys, and try to stay positive in these fucked up times. Always be a light in the darkness. Shine on you crazy diamonds ✌🏽❤

OctavioMucino May 21
Trump's claim that he "tested positively toward negative" for COVID-19, proves the perniciousness and pervasiveness of "positive thinking". Everything is positive, the best, the biggest...

Bull crap Dems support globalism population reduction Gates vaccine wtfu he just tried to blame it on Trump Cuomo responded to democratic lobbyists and created the laws to infect those aged living in homes with Covid positive

Matt_goff 21 hours ago
If Trump is guilty of involuntary manslaughter, then what is the prodigal son, Andrew Cuomo, guilty of since he forced nursing homes to take covid positive patients?

DigitisMedia May 21
Nope, I live in Michigan, there's no way I'm voting for the Trump University guy with his lawyer in prison. He tested positive for COVID-19 today, and he didn't wear a mask? Or did he test positively negative? You speak Trump, , what is he saying here?

SteveMcNY May 28
You mean like not forcing nursing homes to take positive Covid-19 patients? “Pass a piece of legislation that is honorable and decent and does the right thing for all Americans. Why is that so hard?", Cuomo told a briefing in Washington following his meeting with Trump.

Doddas3 May 27
Imagine if Trump sighned an order forcing nursing homes to take in covid positive patients like gov Cuomo did.

Yup you didn't have to force COVID positive into nursing homes creating a massacre of the elderly to stick it to Trump. You could have used the Javitz Center or the hospital ships which were barely used at all. Instead you forced it nursing homes without proper ventilation

MissDonnaMeagle 10 hours ago
My granddad tested positive for Covid after being weeks with pneumonia. My SIL's grammy lost her battle with Covid 4 weeks ago. My brother & SIL are pregnant w/ their first child, due in August, and their grandparents won't get to meet him bc Trump did nothing to stop the spread.

medit8now May 28
They already have been in the Pennsylvania GOP. GOP knew one who tested positive and kept it secret and exposed Democrats to COVID. It’s insane and criminal. Is Trump’s tweet a directive to continue this? 👇🏻

um82md86 May 27
Did “she had very negative tests for many days, then all of a sudden, she tested positive”! Do these Trump words sound familiar? I’ve said before, Trump’s COVID results re: Pence press sec, sounded like he was talking about a pregnancy test. He is so odd, should shut up!

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