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New Trump press secretary brings infant daughter to first briefing
Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s Press Secretary And Wife Of Trump Aide Stephen Miller, Tests Positive For Coronavirus – Update
Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s Press Secretary And Wife Of Trump Aide Stephen Miller, Tests Positive For Coronavirus – Update
White House Press Secretary Lies and Yells at Media. It’s Day 2 of the Trump Presidency. — Slate
White House press secretary lies and yells at media.
Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the 2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement
Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the 2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement - YouTube
Donald Trump's press secretary promoted his Hawaii hotel during an official briefing
Donald Trump’s press secretary used an official briefing to promote the billionaire’s “tremendously successful” Hawaii hotel in what experts have said is an “ethics violation”. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked why the President had stopped off at Trump International Hotel Waikiki before he left the state to continue his tour of the Asia-Pacific region. She told reporters: “It has been a tremendously successful project and he wanted to say hello and thank you to the employees for all their har...
Trump HUMILIATES himself when asked about Pence’s press secretary testing positive
Trump HUMILIATES himself when asked about Pence’s press secretary testing positive - YouTube
USATODAY - Washington News
On Saturday night, White House press secretary Sean Spicer unleashed a brutal thrashing of the press, repeatedly lying about the size of the crowd that attended President Trump’s January 20 inaugural festivities. His bizarre, reality-defying statement was widely disparaged by journalists across much of the political spectrum. Today, in the
The Anne Frank Center Demands Trump Immediately Fire Sean Spicer
The independent U.S. organization wants Trump to fire his press secretary over his perceived antisemitic remarks.
The new White House Press Secretary promised reporters never to lie | FREE NEWS
White House whacks Hillary for talking down about Trump voters
Write a letter to the President Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible. If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to get your message to President Trump. If you write a letter, please consider typing it on …
Sarah Sanders Broke the News
Sarah Sanders Broke the NewsThe press secretary for the Trump White House, who announced her resignation today, used her pulpit to spread the gospel of winning.
Sarah Sanders, one of the last original top Trump aides, leaving White House
While offering no specifics, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claims the administration had a pandemic plan that it only now mentioned today after Trump repeatedly said weeks ago that no one could have seen the coronavirus coming.
BREAKING: Trump's Press Secretary Plans To End Mainstream Media! ⋆ USA Politics Today
Sean Spicer: Donald Trump “Political Opponent” Sally Yates Did Lousy Job Handling Michael Flynn Briefing
Sean Spicer: Sally Yates A Donald Trump “Political Opponent” Who Did Lousy Job Warning White House Of Flynn Compromise
Opinion | Sarah Huckabee Sanders is wrong about John Kelly
Trump’s press secretary is exploiting today’s veneration of people in uniform.
FOX NEWS: Grisham: No matter who testifies the fact Trump did nothing wrong won't change
Trump's New Press Secretary's Attempt At Twitter Sass Backfires Spectacularly | HuffPost
Trump's Press Secretary Just Attacked San Juan's Mayor. Her Response Is Perfect
Former WH Press Secretary: Everything Trump Says Is ‘Fiction’
Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning and said that he believes that President Donald Trump is nearly impossible to negotiate with because everything he says “is fiction.” "Illegal
The White House Press Corps was left stunned by Sean Spicer's remark. | Trump's Press Secretary Just Defended Hitler in Order to Praise Putin

kylegriffin1 May 22 shared via Twitter
Kayleigh McEnany announced today that Trump was donating part of his presidential salary to HHS. She displayed one of his checks during the announcement. She also displayed Trump's private bank account and routing numbers.

SpitzerRN4L 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
But, the WH press secretary said today Trump never lies or presents facts that are misleading!

QuickTake May 20 shared via Twitter
“This is a concern.” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany explains President Trump’s stance on mail-in voting. Earlier today, Trump threatened to withhold federal funding for Michigan and Nevada if the states moved forward in expanding vote by mail

CBCKatie May 26 shared via Twitter
When asked about this today, multiple times, the White House press secretary deflected. Widower asks Twitter to take down Trump's tweets about his late wife

TheNatidude May 21 shared via Twitter
Trump's lying press secretary said today that published a piece on rampant voter fraud in America but I can't find it. Maybe someone else can?

chachomanopapa 9 hours ago
My lovely press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, asked today if I’d ever lied to the public, very incorrectly replied, lying — it’s my intent, always, to tell American people, the truth. That is to say she lied, in her reply. Like me, another, pretty American.”

Weinsteinlaw May 20
Today the White House Press Secretary said that Donald Trump was “unable to cast his vote down in Florida” and “that’s why he had to do a mail-in vote.” There’s just one problem with that statement. It’s a total lie.

itsOsoPorto 23 hours ago

jayrosen_nyu May 22
Truth sandwich rewrite: The Constitution says powers not delegated to federal government are reserved to the states. Trump said today he'll "override the governors" if they don't open places of worship this weekend. His press secretary could cite no authority for such an action.

anniekarni May 22
A belated response from the WH: “Today his salary went to help advance new therapies to treat this virus, but leave it to the media to find a shameful reason not to simply report the facts, focusing instead on whether the check is real or not.”

RobMann_SVS May 25
So Trumps new press secretary rips Obama several years ago for golfing the same day a journalist was killed and our nation mourning. However today with US Covid neath totals more than Vietnam and Korean deaths combined Its a-ok for the dim wit to tee it up

At today’s press briefing, announced POTUS would donate money from presidential salary to HHS for treatment in honor of people who have died of it. She held up a check that had Trump's private bank account numbers in it. :

. continues to stoke fear (as recently as today on ) when it comes to vote by mail during a pandemic. Yet, she voted by mail 11 times in 10 years. 11 TIMES. Why not allow the American people the same opportunity?

Pelosi gagged, press secretary with a spliff, and Morning Joe murder accusations—Trump's tweets today

markadams74 May 27

jharbaugh1972 May 22
I'm pretty sure an oan reporter asked the press secretary today if Trump would consider pardoning Obama. Trump would be lucky if Obama didn't kick him in the dick!

svdate May 26
Trump doesn’t care about facts, and neither do his apologists and enablers. The White House press secretary today defended him falsely accusing someone of murder.

Despicable behavior by trump and press secretary today.

Suzanne1160 14 hours ago
Press secretary and OANN made Trump look badly today. She’s not quick on her feet.

sanford943 7 hours ago
Trumps press secretary made a number of statements about voting by mail today. Such as ballots being found in the trash and other ways ballots are mishandled. More people voting than registered. etc. The comments on the video

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