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HEDGEenergy Apr 16 shared via Twitter
New Article: Here’s How Trump’s “Re-Opening The Economy” Presser Will Go April 16, 2020

timothypeck Apr 17 shared via Twitter
ICYMI VIDEO: President Trump unveils reopening plan at Task Force presser. April 16, 6:00 DOC: White House guidance to governors on reopening economy amid COVID-19:

timothypeck Apr 16 shared via Twitter
Trump expected to unveil reopening plan at Task Force presser April 16, 6:00 PM

JoeNBC Apr 10 shared via Twitter
“When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” ~Donald Trump, February 26 “Coronavirus Deaths In US Tops 16,000” ~LA Times Headline, April 10

kyledcheney Apr 7 shared via Twitter
JUST IN: SCHIFF is demanding the Ric Grenell, Trump's top intelligence official, provide a slew of details about his management of IC by April 16. In a 4-page letter, Schiff expresses concerns that Grenell, an acting official, has made sweeping organizational changes.

BroncoBaby10 6 Dec 2019
Hey media, could you ask if she's outraged by this?👇 Inside the Cell Where a Sick 16-Year-Old Boy Died in Border Patrol Care Ask about this too promises presser on Melania's immigration story

lowrad57 Apr 10
2 WEEKS MARCH 28TH to today APRIL 10TH. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 April 10th. 470,175 March 28th 125,308 = 344,867 confirmed cases COVID-19, IN 14 DAYS,14 DAYS😪 DEATHS 4/10 to 3/28 16,772-2,246= 14,526 more dead. TRUMP KNEW

BrittGlatz Mar 15
We need answers! Start date of April 1 is 16 days away. Each day of inaction compounds the damage already done. Please help small business today!

Rasmussen_Poll 14 Dec 2019
April 2019: Most Say It’s Likely Obama, Top Aides Aware of Trump Spying Do the partisan splits below reflect where voters get their news from & the now obvious info suppression efforts of some outlets? We sense a new poll. Crosstabs from April 16, 2019

XHNews Apr 14
"We want to have our country open, we want to return to normal life." Trump says to complete plan on reopening economy as cases exceed 580,000. In a three-week period ending April 4, a staggering 16.8 mln Americans filed initial jobless claims

In April 2018, 16 months after becoming President, Trump was unclear on how Ukraine would fare in a war with Russia. When he wanted to know the answer he turned to his trusted Three-Star General and member of the Joint Chiefs: Lev Fucking Parnas.

On Feb 26, bragged we only had 15 cases and we were "going to be down close to zero soon." On April 10, we have 469,000+ cases and 16,600+ deaths. For months, Trump lied and downplayed this crisis and cost us valuable time - and lives.

WintersPilar 12 Dec 2019
I'll be 50 in April and she has me beat. At 16 my biggest accomplishments were getting my license to drive and not flunking math.

3/6 327 3/10 972 3/11 1,281 3/12 1,323 3/13 1,992 3/14 2,726 3/15 3,499 3/16 4,442 3/17 6,421 3/18 8,760 3/19 10, 755 3/20 18,563 3/21 25,493 6:43 pm update 3/22 33,073 416 dead & trump complains at his presser no one thanks him for donating his salary

glacy Apr 9
April 9, 2020 total cases China 81,865 - total deaths 3,335 USA 457,101 - total deaths 16,246 is an imbecile incapable of helping anyone but himself. Instead of being the only "one who can fix it" He alone has fucked this up. WHERE IS THE TESTING?

Dee54181 Mar 12
Attended a rally in April of 16, Cruz supporters were handing out info, talked to a lady about DJT & told her that he was the only candidate that could beat HRC. Never had any doubt about his ability to win. Not one doubt.

16 DAYS UNTIL APRIL 1st. CORONAVIRUS WILL GO AWAY! Words of Trump.Don do you mean April of this year?

julie_kelly2 Apr 6
More confessions by Cuomo—which raises the question, where will the more than 2,500 deaths PER DAY come from on April 16 per the Murray model? The trendlines in nearly every state fail to support anything close to that projection. I hope Trump re-evaluates

dpakman Mar 26
Not making sense: 1. Many governors extend stay home orders into April/past May 2. Trump says we're winning, will be open on April 12. 3. 50% get their $1200 checks ~April 16 4. 50% won't get checks until ~May 7 5. Cases & deaths continue to explode while Trump ignores

NateSilver538 Mar 11
One thing about primaries is that voters will usually let you know when they want them to be over. A good example is Trump in late April/early May 16 when he started winning his strong states by humongous margins while also winning states (e.g. IN) that he wasn't supposed to win.

michaeljohns Feb 27
.'s April 16, 2011 speech to a rally in Boca Raton, Florida:

GoPurple420 Jan 20
Oh really? Did you stopped with your gun rights the school shootings in: Blacksburg, Virginia April 16, 2007 Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012 Austin, Texas August 1, 1966 Parkland, Florida February 14, 2018 Littleton, Colorado April 20, 1999 Santa Fe, Texas May 18, 2018

maQi5er Feb 27
Jan 15, 2020 signs China Phase 1 deal Jan 16, 2020 Bat videos from China swarm the internet & virus pandemic MSM fear narrative is created How long before [they] realize that Trump is in control “Gone by April

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