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Jorge Ramos interrupted Donald Trump's press conference today when he wasn't called on, and after being told to sit down several times and he refused, he was escorted out by security. Watch: Ramos ...
Trump's Thoughtless Words Have More of an Impact Than He Thinks
Angry Staffer on Twitter
Angry Staffer on Twitter: "Everyone knows he hijacked the press conferences because he can’t do rallies anymore, right? His entire existence is fueled by the need for people to pay attention to him."
Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom)
Today’s presser would be a lot better if Dr Fauci showed up and Trump didn’t.
Retired general unleashes on Trump as 'unfit to command our troops' in wake of Putin presser
Epic Presser: President Trump -vs- Arrogant, Disrespectful, Combative and Argumentative U.S. Media… | The Last Refuge
Barr Exonerates Wikileaks In Press Conference Regarding Mueller Report | In a Press Conference today about the Mueller Report on Russian collusion, AG William Barr not only announced Trump was not guilty but made an incredible statement regarding Wikileaks’ innocence. Included in the 20 minute presser was this statement according to Joe Lauria: “US Attorney General calls @wikileaks a “publisher.” Barr: “Under applicable law, publication of these types of materials would not be criminal unless th
Jack Johnson Live@iTunes Festival 2013 Full HD
In today's Intelligence Committee Presser 3/29/17 Presser Mark Warren confirmed that he has seen no evidence that would suggest that President Trump has inte...
Donald Trump In New Hampshire Today – Presser and Town Hall (Videos)… | The Last Refuge | 8.19.15 | So encouraging! "Make America Great Again!"
Neil Cavuto calls Trump -Putin summit presser disgusting!!
Neil Cavuto calls Trump -Putin summit presser disgusting!!
How the Liberal Media Earned Their 'Enemy of the People' Title Today at Trump's Wuhan Virus Presser basketball - Clothing / Basketball: Sports & Outdoors
Regrann from @pjrosch - This post was reposted using #theinstasaveapp " #winning The stars of the NBA Finals on both teams banded together on Tuesday against President #DonaldTrump as LeBron James #SteveKerr and #StephenCurry all made it clear that their teams will not be visiting the White House regardless of who wins. - I know no matter who wins this series no one wants the invite anyway said James the Cleveland Cavaliers star while speaking during an NBA Finals presser. It wont be Golden State or Cleveland going. - Kerr the #GoldenStateWarriors head coach said he wasnt surprised by Trumps attacks against the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles after the team opted to not visit the White House promoting the president to dis-invite them. - Its not surprising. The President has made it pretty clear hes gonna try to divide all of us in this country for political gain said Kerr at a press conference today. Its just the way it is I think that we all look forward to when we can go back to just having a celebration of athletic achievement. - Curry whose team is leading the #Cavaliers 2-0 right now sided with his opponent James against the president. - I agree with Bron Curry said while adding that his team if they win would stay consistent with not visiting Trumps White House like they did last year after winning the #NBA Finals. - This latest dispute was triggered by Trump who during another morning tweetstorm today again tweeted attacks against #NFL players protesting #police brutality by #kneeling during the national anthem. #exactly #respect #payitforward #empowerment #kindness #equality #educate #ignorance #hypocrisy #dumptrump #trump #fucktrump #lebronjames #clevelandcavaliers #stephcurry #warriors #eagles #sports #basketball"
Liz Peek: Queen Pelosi wants to rule the Senate and nation but voters will revolt
The Founding Fathers created our system explicitly to prevent mob rule. In short, they envisioned exactly what is transpiring today.
"Today was self-destruction" because "when he has to start saying 'I'm a stable genius' that's where that really hits him personally" said a former Trump aide.
President Trump Honors Conan the Dog
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump avoided touching Conan the hero military dog during the November 25 White House presser. Watch.
BOOM! FIREWORKS! President Trump Puts ABC's Jon Karl on BLAST During Presser
BOOM! FIREWORKS! President Trump Puts ABC's Jon Karl on BLAST During Presser - YouTube
Lawrence: Vladimir Putin Made A Big Mistake In His Presser With Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC
(Published 7.16.18) Lawrence: Vladimir Putin Made A Big Mistake In His Presser With Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC - YouTube
Much like the “2015/2016 GOPe Splitter Strategy”, the 2017 Intelligence Community “Shadow War” ends with an epic Donald Trump victory…. here’s the full monty.
Donald Trump In New Hampshire Today – Presser and Town Hall ...
social behaviour
TRUMP ON FIRE, President BLASTS Democrats at Oval office Presser
NANCY PELOSI WAS DUPED, Trump RAILS on Impeachment at Oval office Presser
Donald Trump Says His North Korea Threat “Wasn’t Tough Enough” In Presser From New Jersey White House
Donald Trump Says His North Korea Threat “Wasn’t Tough Enough” In Presser From New Jersey White House

an10nev 2 minutes ago shared via Twitter
It looks like noone thinks Trump's presser today on China is a mkt moving event. 'Too early before the election to stir the water', 'HK is not a big deal after all'. Etc.

DrGJackBrown May 26 shared via Twitter
1/ THREAD: Earlier today at a Rose Garden presser, Donald Trump listens to a letter by a person who is diabetic, read by WH surrogate. As soon as he hears the subject is regarding diabetes, he looks away from the reader.

TradingThomas3 15 hours ago shared via Twitter
If we close down today and open down tomorrow, it will be a good sign to go long as trump will have probably cancel his presser.

Crystal63869746 19 hours ago shared via Twitter
Thank you for great Presser today! You tell it so straight. You lead with strength and humility! You are not afraid to say u don’t know. Or that u made a mistake. You portray true leadership! And you r Golden! Trump MUST help the states! It’s the right thing to do!

MrMBrown 41 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Any word on timings for Trump's China presser today? There's nothing on POTUS' schedule thus far...

madsnippetss 20 hours ago
Let's see if exec order today holds any weight. Tired of hearing anyone who seems to stray from extreme left narrative being pulled. Yes, Trudy had a reporter physically removed by RCMP from a presser. Trump did that, he'd be blasted by MSM

JustinPulitzer 15 hours ago
NO, it's because there was also news about a Presser Tomorrow on China / Hong Kong... where Trump will likely hammer China. The Prior 2 Sessions had nearly identical VWAP value, even though there was a lot of flash in price via liquidation break & short squeeze. Same today.

Politcswatch May 26
Well there hasn't been much to talk about since Trump's presser did cut off a good bunch of the show today.

I'm gonna need Trump to say something stupid today during his little Ford Presser so I can get a new video.

MrMBrown 5 hours ago
Calendar highlights today include: - Flash eurozone CPI (May) - US Core PCE (Apr) - Canada GDP (Q1) - Final UMich Sentiment (May) - Trump presser on China

AmyAvayou 5 hours ago
The presser today that mentioned Trump and Barr from US Attorney crony put it over the top. I never agree or believe anything out of his mouth. He just completely lost black vote though. He had to keep the White Supremists and is hoping the elderly will side with him here.

whitehouselies1 12 hours ago
🔥Don Lemon is going off on the AG Barr & Trump after today’s presser on George Floyd’s death. Things are about to get hot in MN.🔥

rob0349 May 22
At his presser today Trump DEMANDED that states allow houses of worship to open IMMEDIATELY !!! Dear Leader said if they didn't he would OVERRULE the Governors! News Flash : the DOES NOT have that authority !

Stonekettle 20 hours ago
THIS, these questions right here, are what reporters should be asking Trump today at his presser. Mr. Trump, explain FISA. In detail. Starting with what the acronym stands for and then working your way out, step by step, to who, what, why, when, and where. Show your work. 2/2

kalrasam 8 hours ago
slightly lower : India GDP Q4FY20 release / cases to be highest today/Trump will do presser on tonight / Google might be interested in Vodafone Idea/ Short covering complete - Slightly Negative

_nirajshah 8 hours ago
Trade setup tug of war today b/w economies opening up impact vs Trump presser. Handful of Indian stocks which would be very active today though

jasbironcurrent 7 hours ago
No positions today...Trump presser on dragon tonight will form the basis for next week market.

He knew.And he further put peoples lives at risk with inspections, no sick days etc. etc. Covid 19 has exposed Ford and Trumps populist governments.Lies/deceit/rhetoric/inaction. Watching the replay now of today's presser and he actually had the nerve...

TraderJJS 3 hours ago
Today's range expected 1.1010 x 1.1171. Eco EUR german & french data mainly better than expected, 5:00 EU CPI, USD 8:30 Spending & more, 9:45 Chicago PMI, 10:00 Consumer Sentiment, 11:00 virtual talk in New Jersey, 2 pm presser ref . Enjoy the weekend.

Speedcuffs1 May 24
Trump watches today's presser...

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