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FY! House MD
This is good scene xD
Last Supper #Gideon
Mads Mikkelsen / Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy / Will Graham - Hannibal BTS
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The Closer (TV Series 2005–2012) - IMDb
Created by James Duff. With Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson runs the Priority Homicide Division of the LAPD with an unorthodox style. Her innate ability to read people and obtain confessions helps her and her team solve the city's toughest, most sensitive cases.
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“This is my design”: Why HANNIBAL tastes so good
Will & Hannibal
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Gilmore Girls Revival's 4-Episode Narrative Twist Revealed
Gilmore Girls' unorthodox revival structure is about to make a whole lot more sense. As we reported last week, Netflix is reviving Amy Sherman-Palladino's beloved dramedy via four 90-minute episode...
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"It's beautiful." ||| Will and Hannibal ||| Hannibal 3x13 "The Wrath of the Lamb" Fan Art by arkarti on Tumblr
1000% done
I'm dying...
Fuck YEAH Hannigram!
Hannibal texts

Variety Mar 13 shared via Twitter
says Unorthodox (Netflix), Shtisel (seasons 1 and 2) Netflix, and Fauda (Netflix)

BStrider May 25 shared via Twitter
the reason to add limited. Maybe it’s a way to say up front we may or may not give you a second season. Who knows. This is a worthy production. Unorthodox on Netflix.

digitalspy Mar 30 shared via Twitter
Why Netflix's Unorthodox doesn't need a second season |

jfreedman23 Mar 27 shared via Twitter
Each season of MBF tracks the book, so if done first one can watch first season. Of new things, maybe check out: Feel Good, Unorthodox, Ugly Delicious on Netflix. Plot Against America on HBO. Here’s what I’m reading

WTEpaminondas Apr 5 shared via Twitter
We LOVE that show. New season coming. If you like it, Ruchama (who we thought was unreal) starts in the 'true' story UNORTHODOX, on Netflix. We were riveted ad watched this is ONE DAY.

IsaacEzban Apr 20
Watching - TV: Just finished on now watching & also on & Season 3 and on ! Next will be , & on Netflix

DavidOpie Apr 8
is one of the best shows Netflix has released in ages. Go binge all 4 episodes if you haven't already and then read this wonderful piece by which explains why we don't need a second season (even though you'll probably want one!)

Unorthodox is a series one season. And Sam is a movie.

MeeganReadCBC Mar 31
Canada True Crime (podcast) Unorthodox (limited series-Netflix)The Good Fight (Season 3 -Amazon)Picard (Crave) Schitt’s Creek (Season 6-CBC GEM)

arsenaloFka May 14
Some shows and movies I liked during this quarantine: After Life Sick Note Wild Wild Country Unorthodox Sunderland Till I Die season 2 Baby Driver Ladybird Didn't like: Lego Movie 2 The Platform Safe Minimalism

I’m trying to finish by the end of the season! I’ve blitzed through the excellent shows 🇮🇱 (Season 3), 🇺🇸 (Season 3), 🇩🇪 (Season 1), 🇲🇽 (Season 2), 🇬🇧 (Season 5), 🇪🇸 (Season 4) & Elite 🇪🇸 (Season 3)!

missradders May 18
I’ve just started sex education season one this week. If you like true crime WTF stuff then Abducted in Plain Sight fits the bill. If you don’t mind subtitles Unorthodox is marvellous (and only 4x1hr). Both on Netflix. 🙂

dessadarling Apr 12
Please everyone watch Unorthodox so that Netflix makes another season. K.

"Anne with an E" is a lovely series. "Dead to me" is a great series 2 seasons and not many episodes . "Unorthodox" good miniseries . "Extraction" action movie with the handsome Chris Hemsworth

lenberkowitz May 9
Steve, it is really good, but it's only four episodes. My quarantine is Joe Exotic followed by Unorthodox followed by Ozark. Just finishing up my third and final season of Ozark. Each of these series are excellent in their own right. Not sure what is next for me.

itstams_ Apr 2
Unorthodox on netflix looks too good. I know or sure I’ll binge watch the entire season in one go

mphelps09 Apr 11
MORE SEASONS, we need more seasons!!

FilmInquiry 26 May 2019
🏅BEST ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: dug out from the grave and breathed more life in an unorthodox crime series that showcases a first-rate cast, operating a story that really shouldn't work. We take a look at the season 4:

Taking nominations on what our next binge-watch should be. Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO, please. Pandemic viewing so far has been: House of Cards (whole series in 1 month) Unorthodox Babylon Berlin Bosch season 6 (highly recommend them all)

dogomba May 25
Unorthodox on Netflix is the best show this season! I believe there will be no more.

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