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MadKaiser98 1 minute ago shared via Twitter
The angry Org 13 mob be like Marluxia: Ready? Larxene: What’s the Matter? Xemnas: Leaving? Terranort: Over Here Vanitas: Perish! Young Xehanort: Stop Him Xigbar: Take this! Saix: Break Luxord: I have you Ansem: Yield Xion: Get em Dark Riku: You like it? Xehanort: Foolish

msannythrope May 24 shared via Twitter
At HIS house, on HIS property. Did he take it to the White House front lawn with an angry mob and threaten his young children on THEIR property??!? Hmmmmm?!!! Stfu

gjrrox 22 hours ago shared via Twitter
King Kong, Dracula , The Lavender Hill Mob, Some Like it Hot, Young Frankenstein

msannythrope May 24 shared via Twitter
The charge stands. The lady that says she’s a comedian? I don’t find her funny, but did she go to his front yard with an angry mob threatening him and his young children?!?!? Exactly. So the whole ‘both ways’ & ‘good people on both sides’ BS can stop. Done.

925Multimedia 9 hours ago shared via Twitter
White women aren't the only ones who can weaponize tears, trust me. When a young girl in high school gets bullied and robbed by two males, and sees her tears instantly materialize an angry mob of males who rush to her rescue, that is power realized. And abused later.

sjyoung1967 May 21
Judging by my mentions, if I’m wrong about this there’ll be an angry mob at my door with pitchforks. 😬

Bringing Up Baby. Harvey. Lavender Hill Mob. Dr Strangelove. Night Of The Hunter. The Music Box. Young Frankenstein. The Third Man. Whisky Galore. Paper Moon.

vosenake May 23
Two young men who were trying to steal a phone from a pedestrian in Nairobi road, Eldoret burnt to ashes by an angry mob

sandrashevey May 20
on social media, in housing situations. When I take my lunch in communal kitchens at Helen Graham House, I am confronted by a mob of 15 (angry) cleaners all lounging about, on their computers etc. It is a scene of a Jew right out of `The Young Lions` (Monty Clift as Noah

5GsPlz 22 hours ago
I get why a lot of people are angry that a 24 year old is telling them how they feel. We don't want to be called a baying mob by someone who is viewed as never having struggled. A young, white, middle/upper class, presumably heterosexual yobbo.

- Here an angry mob accosts a father for prioritising the safety and health of his young son, jeering and letting him know he’s not welcome in their patch. He is an un-person. All egged on by old school local political “heavy-weight boss” Emily Thornberry. 🙄

tonydf May 25
I could not dig; I dared not rob: Therefore I lied to please the mob. Now all my lies are proved untrue And I must face the men I slew. What tale shall serve me here among Mine angry and defrauded young?

alex_tiesen 17 hours ago
I'm sorry, but how can you be proud of an angry mob shouting at and chasing an innocent young women out of a grocery store?

torch_bryan May 20
I guess this is either a stupid prank or an angry trend among the young and foolish. Is this a foreshadowing of a mob?

Alipallydooda 20 hours ago
if you have a pack of angry, blood thirsty media hounds camped on your doorstep, intimidating your sick wife and young child, then you can make a decision to decamp. His parents did not help him. you are encouraging the hate mob

b_m220 May 24
The media witch hunt of Dominic Cummings, a man with young children, is truly disgraceful at the moment. The angry mob outside his door are not much better. Why can’t people ever take into account the kind of damage such continuous harassment does to someone’s mental health?

Akh_musafir May 21
20 Sept1969, a young Muslim man, angry at the destruction of his property by Hindus, announced that he would take revenge. An angry Hindu mob beat him up and asked him to shout Jai Jagannath. The Muslim man refused to say. The crowd then sprinkled petrol and burnt him to death.

mrjamesob 25 Jun 2019
Funny that Johnson & Farage both claim to like Kipling... I could not dig; I dared not rob: Therefore I lied to please the mob. Now all my lies are proved untrue And I must face the men I slew. What tale shall serve me here among Mine angry and defrauded young?

In March, 1970, in Lamar SC, a mob of angry white people attacked black protesters. Well... these protesters were kinda young and they were protesting in a weird way: They were going to school. A judge had ordered the school district to integrate

democracynow 22 Jan 2019
"I was absolutely afraid. There was a group of over 200 young, angry white men who were displaying mob mentality, and they were facing down just four black individuals," says Nathan Phillips. "A snap of the finger could have caused them kids to descend on those four individuals."

JohnnyArgent 21 Jan 2019
OK, Here's the kid's version & I want to buy it. Everything is nuanced, of course, but, still. We have to not go "angry mob squared' in such a hurry. The young man's gotten death threats; that is NOT cool, People! I want to be on the side of calm & peace.

michellebhasin 21 Jan 2019
The young girl in this photo, surrounded by an angry mob yelling at her as she walks to attend school, is only 77 years old today.

scumbelievable 8 Apr 2019
I survived CSA and rape and I've spent the last few days, along with my dear friends, getting tarred as a pedophilia apologist by a mob of angry young men as well as some women. It does not, you know, feel great.

mwolffwriter 1 Dec 2018
she took word for word work. This isn’t just an angry poet mob running off a young poet who didn’t know better.

Cernovich 19 Jan 2019
Those young men (15 to 18 years old) were out of line. Now the question is, Why is the angry mob forming any better? Is attacking teenagers morally just, and will it have the result people hope to achieve?

shaziailmi 3 Jul 2019
More from this celebrated author from Washington Post.’We don’t have any fear’: India’s angry young men and its lynch mob crisis

bourgeoisalien 17 Mar 2019
I'm disgusted to see celebrities and DNC operatives go after a young activist Palestinian woman. This could've been a moment to ask why she's so hurt and angry at dems and Chelsea while dealing with the Muslim massacre in New Zealand, but no. The angry mob takes over. Shameful

TimesNow 2 Dec 2019
| Watch public outrage on a man who allegedly teased a young girl in Asansol, West Bengal. He was tied-up & thrashed by the angry mob, reportedly, in the presence of police. TIMES NOW’s Tamal Saha with more details.

USCShoahFdn 28 Apr 2019
Scores of young Rwandan women braved an angry mob hellbent on violence to save Carl Wilkens' life during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

borzou 23 Sep 2019
Let's see now... Young, impassioned and outspoken teen fighting through disability to warn world about scientifically proven fact Or Mob of angry, bitter misogynistic and mostly anonymous men acting out their psychological damage Not really a tough call who to support

I’m going to leave this here for the angry young mob... you need to laugh more and get all twisted up about other people less. Enjoy.

whstancil Jan 18
Shocked to discover the toxic mob of angry young men who spent the last week exulting in their freedom to finally call Elizabeth Warren the treacherous snake they always knew she was did not, in the end, turn out to be on the right side of history

onecooldeb May 9
The murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a beautiful young black man shot by angry white men while he was out jogging, is a symptom of the sickness created by the hatred of the Trump mob. America weeps.

janismullan 3 Nov 2019
There is no way on this planet a bunch of foolish old men and a mob of angry young men will convince 4 million British Columbians that Alberta can have 1 square kilometer of our Province. If they think that is a possibility, they are out of their God damned minds.

IonaItalia 3 Oct 2019
This is so powerful. Can't stop thinking about this guy. It's the most heroic and spiritual thing I have seen shared on here since defied an angry mob to save a young boy (look it up! I'm not over that). He is a credit to humanity.

walegates 30 Sep 2019
Pls be happy dy are watching Big Brother, u wont want an angry frustrated young mob with tiki touches in front of ur comfort zone in ur place of peace. It's also important to note 2 reason why young people say this, it's in response 2 ur generation inaccurately calling them lazy

AudaciousQuest 7 Sep 2019
In Bhubaneswar, people saw govt vehicles passing through without being fined after breaking traffic rules. 'First they made people jobless, then fined them. We are neck deep in debts', shouted a young guy and the angry mob took out the frustration on police, beat them up.

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